Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The face of the demise of R. Kelly

This is Lisa Van Allen. She is 27, and is a key witness in the trial of pedo singer R. Kelly. She testified about multiple threesomes with Kells and the child. Damn dude. What type of fuckery are we coming to? Did she know she was a child then? If she did, then she is just as grimey as Kells. At any rate, if Kelly gets off, then entertainers are truly lawless.
Today is a good day for music. People get into the habit of bitching and moaning about music. Hip-Hop is not dead. Not only is it alive, but it's better than ever. On a mainstream level it is kinda difficult to get past the bs, but Hip-Hop is alive on the charts. Jay-Z is Hip-Hop. Kanye West is Hip-Hop. Lil Wayne is Hip-Hop. Those are three of the biggest artists in muisc and they make good music. Have you heard Carter 3. Its crazy.

The real true Hip-Hop is on the underground level. If you desire real lyrics and dope beats then turn off the tv. Turn off the radio. Hit up your local stores because I am posititve there are local artists on the shelves that spit rediculous bars. Dont wanna do that? Then go to the blogs. The blogs are the new hustle for music. I mean how can Hip-Hop be dead with artists like Wale, Saigon, The Cool Kids, Kidz N the Hall, Lupe Fiasco (not so underground), and many others.

Hip-Hop is doing good right now.