Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Best of The Neptunes

This is a mixtape I put together in preparation of the N*E*R*D* concert that came to town a few weeks ago. Its a straight blend tape with no drops. Pharrell and Chad are big influences to me. I remember hearing Nore's "Superthug" and thinkng what the hell am i listening to. They are ahead of their time. So enjoy the mix. I think I am gonna do a couple more mixes before the summer. Maybe a Best of Timbaland and a Best of Just Blaze. Stay tuned.
download here

The First Posting

Okay, so I have made a bit of an upgrade. The days of the myspace blog is over. I am gonna do a lot of posts on here everyweek, so please stay tuned. I will hopefully be able to share some dope music and news with you via this blog. So without further ado, lets get it poppin!