Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Okay so last night, the good folks at Scion threw another banger of a show. The acts were Nice N Smooth and Black Sheep. Lets jump right in shall we? Nice N Smooth murdered it. Smooth B was calm and collected while Greg Nice was everywhere. He worked the crowd like a mad man. At one point I dont know where he went, I could just hear his voice. An amazing show to say the least. And yes I am a Hip-Hop Junkie. Unfortunately the "headliner" was Black Sheep. Not a whole lot of energy at all from Dres. To say the least his set was wack and he insisted on doing new material. Not a good look when people came to hear your classics. No Strobelight Honey? What type of non-effort fuckery is that? At any rate it was a cool vibe, beautiful women, and a free ass show. Good shit Scion. I'm still never gonna buy one, but whatever.