Friday, April 18, 2008

Chiba from Miss Rap Supreme

tattoos + pretty face + nice body = Tech's wifey
She can rap worse than Fabo and I wouldn't give two shits. I will watch this show because she is fine!!!!!!!!

Young Dro will kill you on a track

Okay, I like Young Dro's raps. There I said it. You should admit it too. Dude is an A-Town lyricists. He is a monster with the pen simple and plain. He has mastered his style to the point that if you get on a track with him, he will embarrass you. He has done it to, T.I.(though thats the closest match), Hell Rell, Big Kuntry King (anyone can oust him), Young Jeezy, Slim Thug, and just about anyone else he has done a song with. You just can't compete with his wordplay and imagery. Take note all southern rappers. This is how you can be crunk and hip-hop.

Young Dro feat Big Kuntry King-Aye


My wonderful graphics have made it in the Source magazine. Apparently The Source has rededicated itself to Hip-Hop. That might be a good look because I havent bought a Source Magazine for years. Ever since Benzino I have been super cool off of their totally biased opinions. Well I have been doing some graphics for the super popular NYOIL out of New York, and his new mixtape got some pub in this months issue with Snoop Dogg on the cover. Its a good look for real hip-hop. Plus my cell number is super visible which is kinda hilarious.