Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tech Supreme is Hard at Work

Hello blog readers, this is your good friend Tech with a little update on whats been going on with me. I have finally gotten myself into full on grind mode. I set a goal of an album a month. Straight digital release or physical. In some way putting music out to the public. Its the third month of the year and i have stayed true to that so far. I released Tech Supreme- I Luv 2 H8 U the EP, and Dro and Tech Presents...Subwoofer. I am working on two or three projects right now and whatever is gonna be finished first, will be the release for March. On the table is The Great Adventures of Aloysius Jenkins, which is an auto tuned love album by me. I'm also working on a mixtape with me rapping over all Kanye West beats. I also have a Tef Poe and Tech Supreme collaboration mixtape in the works, and a Tech Produced Young Ill mixtape. Its been the busiest year of my music life so far, and i only want it to get busier. Stay tuned and download all my music, right here on Hip-Hop Rockstar.