Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today is a good day for music. People get into the habit of bitching and moaning about music. Hip-Hop is not dead. Not only is it alive, but it's better than ever. On a mainstream level it is kinda difficult to get past the bs, but Hip-Hop is alive on the charts. Jay-Z is Hip-Hop. Kanye West is Hip-Hop. Lil Wayne is Hip-Hop. Those are three of the biggest artists in muisc and they make good music. Have you heard Carter 3. Its crazy.

The real true Hip-Hop is on the underground level. If you desire real lyrics and dope beats then turn off the tv. Turn off the radio. Hit up your local stores because I am posititve there are local artists on the shelves that spit rediculous bars. Dont wanna do that? Then go to the blogs. The blogs are the new hustle for music. I mean how can Hip-Hop be dead with artists like Wale, Saigon, The Cool Kids, Kidz N the Hall, Lupe Fiasco (not so underground), and many others.

Hip-Hop is doing good right now.

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