Wednesday, July 9, 2008

January Blaq

My boy Black Nate (future manager) called me the other morning at like 6:30 am to tell me he got some dope new music. See, the music climate is so messed up that when one of my circle finds someone talented. then we all share it. So I download dudes mixtape, which is free online. Pop it on the jump drive, and ride to work with it (if your cd player doesnt have a usb port in the front, then you need to step your game up). Dude was straight nice. Had good beats, good delivery, entertaining lyrics, and so on and so forth. I was thoroughly impressed. A few days later Black Nate hits me up to tell me dude lives in St. Louis now. Then later that day dude comes through to a sit-in we were having at STARBUCKS (long story, I'ma have to do a post on that fuckery). At any rate long story short, I'm real excited to work with dude in the very near future. Dope rappers are few and far between in St. Louis (if you could imagine). Download dudes mixtape, its free and dope. Hip-Hop is still alive buddy.

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