Saturday, May 3, 2008


This Sean Bell thing has been fucking with me all week. This is so unjust and ridiculous that it doesnt make sense. I just dont understand why we are not angrier at the non guilty verdict. I know its not because two of the shooters were black? Fuck that! This is not how I want to live as a society. I am tired of police being lawless. The NYPD is the biggest gang in the world. They will shoot you in cold blood and get away with it. WTF!!???!!! Isolated incident my ass. How many innocent black people have to die because of racist stereotypes and bad snap judgements? Dont forget Amadou Diallo. Dont forget Ousmane Zongo. This is an outrage and needs to be properly addressed. Of course we (black people) have been so conditioned for this type of treatment, we will not respond with proper conviction. Instead we will continue to take the abuse, and instead go buy some new jordans, or a new car, or maybe some fresh clothes. Too often we are our own worst enemies. To wrap it all up, fuck the NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT. I also wanna give a special fuck you to all the media outlets. What the fuck does Reverend Wright have to do with Barack Obama. Nas said it best, "Dont nobody want a nigga having shit". R.I.P. SEAN BELL. My prayers are with your family.

You want some facts on Sean Bell and a couple other similar stories. Check these links.

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