Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is wrong with you people?

Okay seriously now, this fashion thing is getting out of hand. I understand the importance of brand recognition and things like that. If I'm wearing sneakers its gotta be Nike's. I enjoy the brand. I like Gucci shoes, but I don't wear em. Why? Is it because I can't afford em. Partly. I dont buy things to fit in or live outside of my means. So why do so many people I know who have less than me breaking their necks to wear these brands they cant afford. Why do you make 10 dollars an hour but your wearing Gucci shoes with the Gucci shirt. That leads me to believe one of two things, one your an over spending idiot, or two they are fake ass hell. Can you say Canal Street (my NY heads know what I'm talking about)? Remember Von Dutch? Cats were breaking their necks to cop some gear. Now what? You come in the club with that on and you will get laughed at. Next year when you rocking your outdated pair of True Religion Jeans, everyone will be laughing at you. Take my advice, stop hopping on trends and stick with the fashion companies that have been tried and tested. The Ralph Laurens, and so on and so forth. No one really cares about your 300 dollar Evisu jeans. You cannot keep up with Jay-Z so stop trying. I will see you at Burlington. Lol.

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