Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Okay, real talk, Shaq's ex-wife Shanice is fine as shit. I would have worked that shit out. "Oh you got another bank account, cool, we rich bitch!!!!" Unfortunately there were unreconcible differences. No biggie Shaqs one of the greatest players of all time he can get something better. Or maybe not. He was at his birthday party with the chick in the first pic. They appeared like an item to all. She's not ugly she is just regular. Especially coming from Shanice to that. Its not real in my opinion. What do ya'll think?


Tef Poe said...

Shaq Diesel (no homo)..is bugging ole' girl isn't really ugly but that picture probally doesn't really do her any justice so I can't say...he's filthy rich he can have any woman he wants..hes straight..

khal said...

downgrade. shaq's ex is a fucking dime. i aint seen the new bitch's body though.

feekee said...

is it because his ex has a LIGHTER COMPLEXION than his current flame that you prefer her?!?

coming from the guy with the white girlfriend.